During the permitting process, NWEI and NNMREC worked closely with the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop measures to minimize potential impacts, which have been incorporated into the project plans. Specifically, Environmental Monitoring studies are being conducted to detect and measure any impacts on physical and biological resources. In addition, we are implementing an Adaptive Mitigation Plan that outlines the thresholds and real-time mitigation actions that may be taken during the Ocean Sentinel and the WET-NZ deployment.

Upon completion of the WET-NZ/Ocean Sentinel deployment this fall, NNMREC will prepare an Annual Report of monitoring results, adaptive management thresholds, and any mitigation actions associated with the project.  This report will be provided to the Adaptive Management Committee and will be used to inform the Committee’s discussion of monitoring and adaptive management plans associated with the NNMREC ocean test berth and future deployments.