Oregon Testing Concludes Successfully

After more than six weeks at sea, testing of the WET-NZ device off the coast of Oregon concluded successfully last week. Deployment of the second generation, ½ scale device at the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center’s (NNMREC) ocean test site went according to plan, and extensive performance data was collected over a wide range of wave and electrical loading conditions.  Data collected during the Oregon deployment are being analyzed to help optimize the WET-NZ performance and inform future development of a commercially viable device.

With the US Department of Energy’s recent announcement of funding to support long-term, grid-connected testing of the WET-NZ in Hawaii, the next deployment is planned for the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Kaneohe Bay.  In the coming months, we will be shipping the WET-NZ to Hawaii and making plans to commence testing as soon as possible.

OSU’s R/V Alakhah and RIB arriving just after sunrise to support the WET-NZ removal operation.

ORCA divers Luke Kalstad and Kris Hunter made quick work of attaching the airlines and pinning the float.

Deballasting went according to plan and was completed in approximately 15 minutes.

Grant Snyder at the helm of the tugboat Peggy, safely returned the WET-NZ to the Toledo Boatyard.


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