Bits & Pieces

Detailed Assembly Underway 

Now that the Hull and PowerPod are joined together, final assembly of the WET-NZ is in full swing. Patrick Branje installed the load bank and ballast valves yesterday, and the NREL team completed installation of the Modular Offshore Instrumentation System (MOIS). The MOIS measures motions and loads, as well as waves, currents and water properties. Using a feed from the WET-NZ SCADA systems, the MOIS is able to record power, float position and hydrostatic pressure at two points along the hull. Data from load cells on the seaward mooring lines will be recorded as well.

Today, we’re preparing for dry testing to validate the integrated operation of the WET-NZ, MOIS, and NNMREC-OSU’s Ocean Sentinel. The Ocean Sentinel will provide power for the instrumentation systems, and an isolated battery pressure vessel will be installed on the WET-NZ to provide backup power. These preparations will continue over the next few days, and we expect to perform dry tests later this week. During the dry tests, the WET-NZ will be connected to the Ocean Sentinel via the umbilical cable, and the WET-NZ float will be actuated by a crane to simulate the effect of a wave.

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